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Western Isles Camper Hire

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Welcome to Western Isles Camper Hire – the best way to get up close to explore the majestic sights & sounds of the Scotish highlands and islands. Western Isles Campers is located in Fort William, giving you the best starting location to tour & explore everything Scotland has to offer.

Our aim here at Western Isles Campers is to make it fun and easy for couples, friends & families to hire their own VW campervan(s) in the highlands all year round. Whether it is for a holiday, sport, fishing tour or music event, or just to get up here to enjoy the wildlife and landscapes with the benefit of having your own fully kitted self-contained high-top VW T5 Autosleeper Tridents or Mercedes campervans. Imagine waking up in a different spot each day with new views and locations to explore.


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Be it a relaxing week off work, waking up and walking the pristine white sandy beaches, watching the wildlife, just taking it all in, or an action packed week you’re after filled with hiking, biking, skiing/snowboarding, diving and climbing Nevis, or even taking boat/rib trips to St Kilda or the Monarch Isles. With so much going on in and around the Western highlands & Isles what better way for anyone to get out & about and enjoy themselves!


Whatever your plans are, Western Isles Campers has a VW Camper ready for you to hire to kick-start your adventures!!

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